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Repair Garage Door Motor & Replacement Costs (New 2023)

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As you use your garage door every day going to and coming home from work, then taking the kids to school and soccer practice, returning home again your garage door receives a serious workout and exhibits normal wear and tear.  The motor is one of the components on your garage door that receives the most work.   As soon as a problem with your motor becomes apparent it is very important to fix it right away.  Continued use on a broken motor can cause more damage that may be irreversible.  It is always less expensive to repair a garage door motor than to replace it.

Garage Door Motor Repair Cost 2022

First you want to assess what kind of motor you have.  There are three types of motors that are used on garage doors.  First is the screw drive motor which is the cheapest of the three.  Even though it has a cheap price tag it may not be your choice.  It is slow moving and not very efficient.  However, it is very quiet.  If you have a wooden door it will be much heavier than a metal door and the screw drive motor will not be able to continually lift such a heavy door. The second option is the belt drive and it is the most expensive, the quietest, and the smoothest running motor.  The price is worth the convenience and the lack of noise.  The chain drive is the last option and the most popular.  It has a reasonable price but it is very loud. People tend to over look this problem specifically because of price.

Garage Door Motor Repair places of service

  • Simi valley
  • Simi valleysugar land
  • Redondo beach
  • Fontana
  • Euclid ohio 

Garage Door Motor Repair Cost 2023

Garage door motor repair costs between $125 and $290

Problems that tend to happen over time to motors are screws and bolts coming loose causing the door to get stuck and not run smoothly.  Loose bolts rubbing against the door can cause more damage than people think.  You can tell when a gear is stuck by listening to the sound the door is making.  If you hear grinding noises you definitely know you have a problem.   Visible problems can be seen simply by examining your motor.  If you notice frayed cords, cracks, or burns it means that your system might have too much stress on it or even possibly small animals have tried to make it their home.

It is so easy to tell if your motor is having a problem simply by listening.  Keep your ears and eyes open when you use your garage so you know immediately if you have a problem.  Preventing damage can save you a whole lot of cash by garage door motor repair rather than replacing the actual motor.  If you think there might be a problem with your motor call a professional to come and make sure you have the correct motor to suit the weight of your garage door and that everything is in working order.

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