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Residential Garage Door Repair & Replacement Costs (New 2023)

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As someone who is searching to purchase a home, you will be looking for something that will suit all of your needs.  One of the number one things male buyers are looking for is a large garage.  They love the space to be out where their tools, cars, RV’s, and four wheelers are kept.  Some of the most expensive things people own are kept in their garage.  This is why residential garage door repair is so imperative.  If your garage door is left open for even one night very expensive and important things can go missing. While trying to do it yourself may seem to be the most cost effective way of getting the job done, until you go out and find the parts and spend 10 hours trying to fix the darn thing only to have it be 12 o’clock at night and the door still isn’t fixed

PartAverage Repair Cost
Spring Replacement$130 – $380
Opener Repair$85 – $320
Cables or Chain Repair$95 – $210
Replacing Tracks$135 – $320
Panel$260 – $820
Sensor$90 – $110
Locks$99 – $335

There are many residential garage door repair companies that will come out to your house within hours of when you make the call.  By taking advantage of these companies you will be saving yourself money and a headache.  The money you will spend by hiring a professional in the first place is incomparable to the money you will lose if one of your prized possessions goes missing.  Tools alone can range in the thousands of dollars, as well as bikes and even refrigerators.  Not to mention the fact that you can’t go to work because your car is stuck inside. 

Garage Door Repair places of service

  • North hollywood
  • Santa ana
  • Franklin ohio
  • Manhattan beach
  • Los angeles b
  • Santa monica b
Residential Garage Door Repair & Replacement Costs (New 2022)

So, save yourself and your wife the headache of trying to do it yourself and call a residential garage door repair professional.  Once you have made this decision there are a few things you should look for to make sure you are getting the best service out there.  First simply ask around to friends and family.  Other homeowners have garages as well and at some point or another have had to deal with garage door repair so they may know a good company to go to. Another good source is to look online and check reviews of companies you are considering.  Even going to the company website, they may have coupons that could help you save a bit of cash in this process. 

Garage Door Service & Repair In Blue Diamond, NV

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